Department of Pharmacognosy

The department of Pharmacognosy caters to the modern needs of Industry by providing conducive ambience for learning and develops skills to befit the industrial and academic demands. The growing needs for herbal drugs standardization and analysis in the pharmaceutical, herbal, nutraceuticals and cosmeceutical industries has paved the way for the requirement of well-trained personnel. Biyani Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences has a core philosophy of its contribution in the quality education and technology advancement in the field of pharmaceutical science especially in herbal medicines. The Pharmacognosy department enjoys a high reputation of being one of the most sophisticated and well-equipped departments. The department is enrich with modern labs sophisticated instruments and delivers high quality research.


This department provides an opportunity for the students to gain the knowledge of physicochemical properties of the natural products, food, neutraceutical and natural medications also the identification tests, extraction, isolation, detection, determination and the estimation of natural products, quantitative and qualitative analysis of drugs and phytoconstituents extracted from medicinal plants. Qualified Pharmacognists serve as medical practitioners in the traditional system of medicines globally. Research & Medical Institutes, Pharmaceutical companies, food & cosmetic industries, etc. recruit such professionals based on the interest and capability of the candidate. Successful graduates of the course interested in pursuing further studies in the discipline may go for Ph.D., post-doctoral studies in herbal medicines.

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