Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

“Better drugs for better therapy” have always been a motto of medicinal chemists. Medicinal chemist plays central role in the identification of lead molecules, lead optimization, generation of biological knowledge and organic synthesis which include synthesis on new compounds for the disease under investigation or development of new synthetic procedure of existing compounds. The department is constituted with four lab and instrument lab. All the labs are equipped with the modern research facilities.


 The student has rewarding career in various fields of pharmaceutical industry as well as in academia. They can work as in R&D, QC and QA sector, as medical writer, in pharmacovigilance, as Chemists, Pharmacist, Analytical chemists, Patent writer and in Pharmacopoeia labs. They can also excel their career as academician or pursue higher studies at various research institutes in India as well as abroad and can work at different scientific positions in various accredited labs/institutions/Universities etc.

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